Panther Beach Proposal Santa Cruz, California

I got to fly up to Santa Cruz, California this January for a Panther Beach Proposal, and it was the sweetest moment for Jaden and Katelin!

I’m gonna take you through what this weekend in Santa Cruz looked like + the moments surrounding the proposal.

A little backstory…

Katelin and I know each other because her dad was my favorite teacher in high school. Throughout the years since high school, I’ve gotten to share many memories with their family. Dinners, family photos, her college graduation photos, etc. So, this proposal was uniquely special to me!

The Leading Moments around Santa Cruz

I drove out to Santa Cruz on a Saturday afternoon, and we were a little worried because the weather forecast showed non-stop rain for the ENTIRE weekend. The drive out to the bay area from Sacramento wasn’t horrible, but the rain was pouring down. I was prayingggggg for clear skies the next morning.

I spent the afternoon unpacking gear at the hotel, and actually ended up connecting with Katelin’s parents (who were in town as a surprise post-proposal) for dinner in Capitola that evening! It was a great opportunity to catch up!

Later that evening, I found out that Katelin, Jaden, and I all happened to book the same hotel in Santa Cruz…here came the challenge of trying to avoid getting in the elevator at the same time, going down for a good ole continental breakfast at the same time, etc. (cause duh…she would’ve noticed me)

Proposal Day at Panther Beach

Luckily, we didn’t run into any issues at the hotel, and I headed out to Panther Beach the next morning ahead of their arrival time!

I got to scout the beach without anyone there, set up my gear, and wait for them to arrive. I like to “hide in plain sight” for proposals, so I decided to search for shells until they got into position under the arch.

As Jaden set up his tripod for “photos”, I creeped into position behind a giant rock until I could get a good view of their spot.

As he prepared his speech to Katelin, I came around the rock just in time for him to get onto a knee, pulling out the most gorgeous ring, and pop the question! Obviously, she said yes!

We spent the rest of our session, filling Katelin in on all the planning details, swooning over her ring, running around the beach for photos, and popping champagne!

After the Panther Beach Proposal, they got to head out to brunch where all their family was waiting as another surprise!

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