You probably want more than just the “hold or touch her belly” shot during your couples maternity photos right? But it can be hard to get a lot of movement or candidness when you can’t necessarily run and jump around like you did for engagement photos. I’m listing three maternity prompts I use that get genuine reactions, heartwarming smiles, and raw emotion for photos!

Windansea Beach Maternity Photos

Take turns telling your partner what you hope your little one inherits from them (their laugh, their eyes, their smile, etc.). It can be anything!! But trade off telling each other what you hope your newest family member will be like!

Sunset Cliffs Maternity Photos

Reminisce on the day you found out you were pregnant and how you told your partner. Take turns sharing your point of view from that day and what you were feeling. This prompt always gets a few giggles and sooooo many endearing smiles.

La Jolla Maternity Photography

Tell your partner what attracts you most to them during this new season of life. Whether it’s watching them prepare to become a mom/dad, seeing their excitement through it all, or watching how strong they’ve been through it. Hype up your partner and tell them all the hot things about them!

I hope you get photos that truly capture the excitement you’re feeling through pregnancy, and you look back on them thinking about how real, wonderful, and life changing it is. If you’re expecting soon and want warm, candid, and natural couples maternity photos, I’m here for you! You can fill out the contact form on my website to inquire. I can’t wait to congratulate you in person and help you tell such a breathtaking part of your story.

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