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If you’ve ever wondered how you can go the extra mile when taking care of your vendors, but aren’t in a place where you can afford to tip, then this blog post is for you!

I’ve had several conversations with vendors in the industry about ways clients make us feel extra appreciated and about tipping culture! I want to share with you what we’ve landed on, and what you can do to show your vendors some extra love WITHOUT having to drop a ton of extra cash!

Let’s be honest, tipping culture has gotten so crazy these days. And while tips are SO greatly appreciated, it’s not always feasible for you when you’re spending thousands of dollars already!

Here are some ways that you can show extra love to your vendor team:

Clear and Consistent Communication

Truth is: we’re here to serve you! The best way for us to do that is when we are up to date on all of the important details.

Responding to emails and calls in a timely manner, providing us with all the necessary details, and keeping us updated on any changes or developments will ensure that there is no miscommunication between us!

Making On-Time Payments

Like any other company or business, this is our livelihood! This is the way we put food on our tables for our families, keep a roof over our heads, and continue to serve you in the best way we know how to.

Hopefully your wedding vendors aren’t having to live paycheck-to-paycheck, but in case they are, making your payments on time can be a lifesaver to your vendors. (They just might be relying on it to pay their rent/mortgage)

Feeding Your Vendors

Your vendors will be working long hours to make your wedding day special! Many vendors have it in their contracts (I do!) that they should be provided with a meal during the event.

Make sure to include us in your catering count and ensure we are provided with meals during breaks.

This small gesture can go a long way in showing appreciation and keeping us rockin’ and rollin’ throughout your day!

Handwritten Thank You’s

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made you write thank you notes for every Christmas or birthday gift? Well it was all practice leading up to this🤣

A personal, handwritten thank you card means SO much to us and directly lets us know just how much we meant to you! It’s always so heartwarming when receiving these, and this is one of the cheapest ways to show extra appreciation!

Referrals + Reviews

One of the best ways to tell us how much you loved us is to refer us to your friends! This speaks volumes for how we run our business, how we take care of our clients, and how much you appreciated us.

How many times do you rely on Google or Yelp reviews to decide on restaurants, hotels, etc.? If you’re like me, then it’s a lot! In a world where it seems like everyone and their mother is a wedding vendor, it is SO helpful when clients share their personal experiences that motivate others to book with us!

No better way of taking care of your vendors other than saying “Hey, we hired so-and-so, and we LOVED them!!”

What’s the deal with tipping?

Okay….for the dreaded topic of tipping. I know I said this blog was for you if tipping isn’t something you’re planning on doing, but I do want to touch on the subject just a little bit.

While tipping isn’t expected (in most cases), it really is so so appreciated and truly a great way of taking care of your vendors. If you have it in your budget to tip, or you find yourself wanting to tip certain vendors who absolutely went above and beyond, you certainly can tip your vendors! I don’t know that I know many who wouldn’t accept it.

But….there are a few circumstances where vendors DO expect tips…

note: This may not be true for EVERY business, but these are the most common vendors I’ve run across that expect tips.

Vendors that typically expect tips:

  1. Wedding Planner/Coordinator: It is common to tip the wedding planner or coordinator, especially if they have gone above and beyond their duties to ensure a smooth and successful event.
  2. Catering Staff: If gratuity is not already included in the catering contract, it is customary to tip the catering staff who have worked hard to provide excellent service throughout the reception.
  3. Bartenders: If there is a separate team of bartenders serving at your wedding, it is customary to tip them. The typical range is around 10-15% of the total bar bill or a set amount per bartender.
  4. Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists: If you’re happy with the services provided, it’s customary to tip them. A tip of 15-20% of the total service cost is typical.
  5. DJs or Musicians: Tipping DJs or musicians is not mandatory, but it’s a nice gesture if they have done an exceptional job. You can consider tipping around 10-15% of their fee or a set amount.
  6. Officiant: If you’ve hired a professional officiant or a religious leader to perform the ceremony, it’s customary to give them a gratuity, especially if they are not charging a fixed fee.

Remember that tipping is always optional and should be based on the quality of service you received.

If you’re unsure about tipping practices, it’s best to consult with local customs or ask your wedding planner or coordinator for guidance.

Speaking of vendors, I know some great ones 😉 Click the link below to get my updated list of amazing vendors all over California!

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