wedding day details and comfortable shoes

As if you needed one more thing on your plate while wedding planning right?😂 Luckily for you, these things aren’t anything new! Just some wedding must haves that you should pay extra attention to!

Planning a wedding involves juggling numerous details, and with sooooo dang much to remember, it’s easy for even the most organized brides to overlook a few important items.

In order to help you out, I’ve gathered three commonly forgotten items for you to take extra note of! Let’s get to the wedding must haves, shall we?

Emergency Kit

wedding day getting ready must haves

While you may have planned out every aspect of your wedding, random hiccups can still come up. An emergency kit can be a lifesaver and help you tackle any unexpected mishaps with ease.

Your emergency kit should include items like safety pins, sewing needles, thread, a stain remover pen, blister plasters, pain relievers, bobby pins, double sided fashion tape, a mini sewing kit, and band-aids.

You can find these online or create your own! I’ve linked one from Amazon here: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Having these supplies on hand will ensure you’re prepared for any minor emergencies that might occur during the day, allowing you to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Comfortable Shoes

sneaker trend for wedding days

The shoes you pick for your wedding might seem comfortable, but have you spent 8+ hours walking around in them? Probably not! You don’t have to sacrifice your cute shoes though…just get a pair of cute backup comfies.

You’ll likely want to change into more comfortable shoes after your ceremony and the bulk of formal photos.

Great options can be flats, sandals, or wedges that still complement your dress but offer more support and cushioning. Another trendy option right now is matching sneakers!

Your feet will thank you, and you’ll be able to enjoy the day without any discomfort.

Marriage License

wedding day must haves

During the excitement and chaos of a wedding day, one super important item that can somehow be misplaced is the marriage license. It might seem obvious, but it can easily slip your mind as you focus on other aspects of the day.

Make sure to check the requirements in your jurisdiction and obtain your marriage license well in advance. Keep it in a safe and easily accessible place, such as a designated folder or envelope. Let your wedding planner, Maid of Honor, or Officiant know the location of the license too.

Forgetting your marriage license can result in unnecessary stress and delays, so double-check that you have it before you head to your ceremony.

Hopefully this helps you out & gives you some confidence knowing that you’re prepared for anything! (You can also have your bridesmaids help you keep track of these things!)

While we’re talking about planning, you can check out my Wedding Timeline Freebie here! It includes two templates for you – one with and one without a first look!

Good luck planning and have the best day ever!!!

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