By far my most requested location for sessions is Sunset Cliffs. People swoon over the epic rock shot, and I can’t resist it either.

These engagement photos for Joseph and Alana are making me so excited for their wedding next year. I hope you’re just as obsessed with these as I am…And I hope I can get you in front of my camera at the cliffs soon too!

I get asked a lot if Sunset Cliffs is too busy for photos, and it definitely does get pretty busy, but I’ve never had it be too overwhelming for photos.

Here’s what you can expect…

There are two parking lots, but they fill up quickly. There is a decent amount of street parking though. I would still plan on arriving about 10-15 minutes before your session though.

Sunset Cliffs is a happening tourist spot, so expect there to be people around. I will photoshop people out of the background though, so don’t worry!

The only time I’ve had the business be inconvenient is when getting “the rock shot”. There are times where I’ve had to wait for another photographer to finish up there, but it’s never been too long or irritating!

You can view another Sunset Cliffs session of mine here!

If you’re planning on eloping here, you can find out more info about elopements here.

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