Let’s help you pick some engagement photo outfits!

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So you’re planning your engagement photos…Let’s talk about what you should AND should not wear.

If you’ve already booked with me, it’s likely that you have received your full, detailed outfit styling guide. If you have not already inquired with me, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

After reading this, fill out the contact form under the book me section to inquire and receive a detailed outfit styling guide!

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Styling Tips + Things to avoid

I recommend packing a couple outfit changes. Especially if you have an hour session or longer. For thirty minutes, plan two outfits. And for an hour session, plan two to three outfits. I recommend bringing one outfit that’s a little more casual and comfy & one that looks a little more formal. This way you get a variety of pictures and different styles!

  • Stick to neutral colors, solid colors, and try to complement each other without being too match-y! You don’t have to completely match with your s/o! Coordinate your outfits so that you contrast each other and compliment the other’s outfit, but you don’t have to full on match.
  • Avoid bright, neon colors. This is distracting and can be very loud and busy in photos. You want the focus to be on YOU!
  • Avoid bold & crazy patterns! Patterns can sometimes be distracting and take away the focus from you. That’s why I recommend solid/neutral colors. If you do really want to wear a pattern, I would recommend that only one of you wears a pattern, and the other wears a solid color to coordinate with it.


Okay so you’ve got the ring, but what else? Accessories will help you change up your look without having to actually CHANGE clothes. It’ll add variety to your photos too.

Some things you can include to change up your looks include: jackets/cardigans, outfit changes, jewelry, hats, etc.

By accessorizing, you can give your photos variety without changing your outfit completely. I typically encourage at least two outfits—I have a pop up changing tent that you can use—but if you don’t want outfit changes, then definitely include some accessories!

Pack a duffel bag with everything in it so that you can just grab things easily when you’re at your session. Once you decide on outfits/accessories, pack them all up strategically in a bag, backpack, duffel, etc. the night before so that you know you have everything! Don’t wait til the hour before to gather all your things. This is how things go missing or stuff gets forgotten! No one will have to think or wonder where anything is!

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Alright, it’s not all about engagement photo outfits….let’s talk about things to bring to set you up for success.

Things to Bring

Ladies!! Bring a brush, hairspray, powder, deodorant etc.!! We want to make sure you’re looking flawless the whole time. If your hair tends to get messy after thirty minutes, bring some hairspray to keep it tame or a brush to detangle.

  • hairbrush
  • powder or touch up makeup
  • deodorant
  • hairties/bobby pins
  • comfy shoes for walking
  • a bag for all your things
  • a towel just in case (standing on while changing shoes, drying off after getting wet, sitting on if you have to, etc.)
  • perfume if you get stanky

Gentlemen!! Bring a small towel to wipe your head if you get super sweaty easily. Bring some extra deodorant if you need it! Your lady won’t want to cuddle up on you if you stink!!

  • deodorant
  • cologne
  • an extra undershirt
  • small towel
  • extra socks just in case
  • small comb and hair gel if you wear it
  • a coat if it’s chilly out (even just to wear in between photos & walking)


Relax…Laugh and smile the entire time!

Spend every dang second focused on each other, and don’t worry about the camera too much. Soak every bit of your session in because the more you make each other laugh and smile, the more candid and genuine your photos will look.

It’s my job to pose and prompt you, so don’t stress about that! I will always do my best to make sure you’re comfortable and having fun.

I am gonna have a blast third wheeling you and your babe!

If you still need outfit inspo, you can check out my Pinterest board here to help you out!

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I can’t wait to get you in front of my camera 🙂 If you want to check out other engagement session resources, check out my blog post San Diego Engagement Photo Locations. Happy planning!

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