Let me just start this off by saying that there are WAY more than 3 must have wedding photos! These are just 3 that I wanted to highlight in particular…

I definitely capture way more than three photos on a wedding day, and I hope every other wedding photographer does too, so #weddingtok don’t come after me!

Must Have Photo #1 – Private Moment With Whoever is Helping You Get Ready

must have wedding photos for brides

Whether it’s your mom, stepmom, grandmother, sister, or best friend, you should have a private moment (with your photographer haha) with that person. It can be right after you put your dress on and getting your jewelry put on, or after you’re fully ready, but either way you should definitely carve out some time with this person.

It’s a special, private, and often emotional moment before your ceremony. Such incredibly raw, beautiful emotions can be captured during this, so be sure to ask your photographer to help you create this memory!

Must Have Photo #2 – Your Partner’s Reaction to you Walking Down the Aisle

Now….obviously we’ll get your partner’s reaction one way or another, but this particular shot is one of my favorites.

With one of your photographers following behind you, ask them to capture your partner’s face in between you and your dad’s heads (or whoever is walking you down the aisle).

This then leads into the perfect shot of you and your dad (or whoever is walking you down the aisle) hugging with your partner in the background.

Must Have Photo #3 – You and Your Boo Thang Partying With Guests on the Dance Floor

One of my favorite things to see at wedding receptions is the newlyweds dancing together on the dance floor. You might think “Well duh we’ll be dancing together”, but honestly it happens more often than you’d think where the newlyweds are either mingling separately with all their guests off the dance floor or one person is dancing and the other is off mingling!

You spent all this time planning your wedding, and while it is definitely important to mingle with all your guests, make sure to get some time on the dance floor WITH your new spouse!

p.s. I’ve also noticed that wedding guests are more likely to dance if the couple is on the dance floor too!!

For more wedding photography tips…

Now, there are SO many crucial photos to have on your wedding day, but these are just a few that I wanted to give a spotlight too. If you thought this was helpful, check out some of the other resources on my Blog or on Instagram @yumikotanphoto!

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