Couple wearing neutral colors for photos at Torrey Pines Gliderport.

The dreamiest spot for couples photos in San Diego? Torrey Pines!

There are tons of great spots in San Diego, obviously! But, I have a special place in my heart for the Torrey Pines Gliderport!

Naturally, it was the first place that came to mind when one of my closest friends came to me for photos!

Lucie and Hagen came down to San Diego from Orange County for photos this year while he was home for off season. Hagen is gone most of the year for baseball, so photos are a great way for them to spend time together. Fun date night + something to treasure for years to come?? I think hell yes!

We shot an hour before sunset, and honestly, it was much busier than I expected it to be.

There were a lot of people there watching the surfers and the sunset, but the great thing about this spot is there’s plenty of room to spread out!

Where to Start

I love to start at the top of the cliffs and get the coastline in the background. The view of La Jolla from this spot is incredible!

And if we’re lucky, we can get some of the gliders in the background of our shot! It makes for a super unique photo.

If you’re interested in actually paragliding along the coast, you can check out the Gliderport’s site here.

I will say, the views are great, but it’s a pretty steep cliff. So if you’re a little nervous about heights, we can absolutely stray away from the edge.

The last thing I want to do is make any of my clients feel uncomfortable, so we don’t have to go anywhere where your stomach ties itself in knots.

One major thing I love about this location is the variety of scenery you get. We start at the cliffs to get that ocean and coastline view, but we also get these rural landscapes. And to top it off, we end the night playing on the beach!

Things to note…

A couple things to note when heading to the beach from the gliderport….

  1. The beach is a nude beach, Black’s Beach specifically. I don’t get any nudists in your photos, but if the idea of a nude beach makes you uncomfortable, then let’s chat about alternatives.
  2. The hike is a little steep. It isn’t terribly treacherous, and it has a trail with stairs. But the incline is definitely there!

Ready to book your own photoshoot at the gliderport?? Book me here!!

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