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Western Wedding Detail Photos

A little bit of a shorter blog post today, but one that’s super helpful for brides!

I’m here to make your life easier and give you some stunning photos! So take notes, and put these things aside for me to photograph on your wedding day!

By putting these things aside for me on your big day, you’ll easily have all your important items together in one place, allow me to knock out some detail shots for you SUPER quickly, and make getting ready easier and a whole lot faster.

Bride’s Checklist:

  • Your shoes
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Your ring! (Engagement ring for sure, but wedding band too if you aren’t immediately giving it to a ring bearer or someone else)
  • Perfume
  • Extra flowers from your florist
  • Wedding Invitation/Save the Dates
  • Vows
  • Letter to/from your fiance!
  • Any important items that you want photographed or included in your wedding

Brides, I will also be photographing details of your dress, so although I won’t ask you to put it in a box for me, please have that ready for me when I get there!

Photo of rings and invitations on a wedding day.

Groom’s Checklist:

  • Shoes
  • Ring
  • Cologne
  • Bowtie/ties
  • Cuff links
  • Belt
  • Handkerchief
  • Watch
  • Items with significant meaning
  • Boutonni√®re
  • Vows
  • Letter to/from your fiance!
Groom's cologne, ring, and watch on his wedding day.

Detail photos are typically photographed along with or right before the getting ready photos. I will start with these photos while you finish up getting ready.

When I arrive, you and your wedding party should be pretty much almost ready to go with your hair and makeup done. If you and your bridesmaids have matching pajamas or robes that you want group shots done in, then we will photograph those shots right before you all put on your dresses. Once the bridesmaids have their dresses on, we will photograph you, the bride, getting ready.

Typically, the maid of honor or mother of the bride will help put on your wedding dress, and this is where we get some truly beautiful, intimate photos. Buttoning the back of the dress, putting on significant jewelry, putting on shoes, and all the hugs and tears right before you walk down the aisle!

Right after getting ready photos, depending on your timeline, it’s likely that we will photograph you with your bridesmaids, first looks with your father, and/or first look/touch with your soon to be husband! Make sure to keep me in the loop regarding your wedding day timeline, so that I can be prepared to capture all the important moments.

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